By The Song / By The Hour

You can choose to work either by the hour or by the song – whichever best suits your budget. If you plan to record 3 songs or more you can pay by the song – i charge £300 to complete a song to the highest standard, including as much recording time as is needed as well as all Editing (including performance vocal tuning/correction if needed/wanted) and Mixing. Or you can find the individual hourly rates for services detailed below. Give me call and we can have a chat.

*NOTE* – The above price is NOT a quote for my full production service – please see my Producer page for more information.

Studio Work

£25 p.h – For studio work and working in external (fully equipped) recording studios outside of Titan Studios West. Please contact the studios directly for their studio hire rates.

Recording: these prices are for Titan Studios West only.

Studio hours are usually from 11am to 9pm. Outside of these hours will be charged as double time of the applicable rate.

£25 p.h or £220 per full day (10hrs)

£15 p.h for solo musicians and overdubbing (e.g single person, generally using a small amount of mics/feeds – excludes drum tracking).


I charge £15 p.h for mixing.

Recommendations for mixing: I can tailor my mixing service to suit your budget, whether it’s mixing 10 songs in 1 hour or one song over 3 days. However, the less time I have to mix, the less I will be able to do, but I will always do the best I can in the time I have.

For a demo mix I would recommend 4-6hrs per song.

For a top of the line radio-ready mix with all the bells and whistles and no stone left unturned I would recommend 16+hrs per song.


Basic editing on projects is FREE! I charge a flat rate of £15 p.h for all other editing. This can include vocal tuning, performance enhancement, etc…


£30 per track – Mastered from a stereo source file.

£50 per track – Mastering from song multi-track ‘stem’ files.

Click here for more information on Mastering submission requirements and how to export Stems.
I want your music to sound great, without the life and energy being crushed out of it, so ALL Masters created by me will have at least 8dB of dynamic range. If you would like to know why i have chosen to do this and the reasons behind it check out these links below:

Mix Assist

My Mix Rescue / Mix Assist service is completely tailored to your needs. From a FREE mix consultation, I can provide anything you need from simply free help and advice to mix tuition, a complete tutorial mix of your own song which you can use to learn from and develop your own mix skills. Or if needed, a total re-mix from the ground up! Whatever it takes to make your music sound amazing!

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