Audio For Video

Video is KING!

Where’s the first place everyone goes to check out a new band these days? – youtube of course! Nobody just listens any more, everyone wants to watch too! You want your band to get noticed right? You want to show what your band can really do? Then make a video with GREAT audio and watch the views, gigs and fans roll in!

Poor audio can totally ruin the impact of a video. I can provide everything you need to make the audio for your next video absolutely amazing! From recording in your rehearsal room like the excellent Awesome Sauce or Metal Outlaw TV videos, to capturing all the atmosphere, excitement and energy of your next gig, or documenting your next studio recording session. I can tailor my Audio for Video service to your budget.

Prices start at just £12 p.h for mixing and only £18 p.h for full HD Multi-Track Mobile Recording in almost any location!

“We could not have hoped to work with a more professional and dedicated fella. Throughout the recording of the shows’ sessions in various, varied locations, Roddy’s ability to adapt to different surroundings is invaluable. It is his quick thinking, flexibility, and unwavering professional nature that takes our show to a whole other level…..he puts the awesome in AWESOME SAUCE!”

Gareth Goodlad – Director – OnRedTV

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