I pride myself in providing a fast, efficient, high quality Mastering service to discerning clients who really care about how their music sounds.

So what is Mastering anyway?

Mastering is the final step in the process of making and recording music. The last stage of checking quality, making sure that everything is correct and that your music will translate in any environment, from ipod earbuds and laptop speakers to huge full-range club sound systems.

But that’s only half the story…

Mastering is also very much about enhancing the emotion of the artists’ music – taking a group of songs that may have been recorded at totally different times or places and bringing them together sonically to make them work as complete and unified listening experience.

Mastering for me is where science and art meet, and only when both of these elements are balanced correctly do i consider that the musical intent of the song has been expressed to it’s fullest extent.

Mastering image showing roddymacaudio Audio Master

Click here for more information on Mastering submission requirements and how to export Stems.

I want your music to sound great, without the life and energy being crushed out of it, so ALL Masters created by me will have at least 8dB of dynamic range. If you would like to know why i have chosen to do this and the reasons behind it check out these links below:

“What a difference! I have to tip my cap at what you have done here and i must say this master really does highlight why mastering should be left to people who know what needs looked at when mastering!”

Robert Macleod – Recording Engineer

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