As a Music Producer i want to help you make that song you have in your head, a reality. Creative input, arrangement ideas, session musicians, Recording, Mixing and Mastering – as little or as much help as you want or need, to bring your songs to life. You’re the boss, it’s your production, but i will help you craft your music so you can make record you’ve always dreamt about.

My latest role as a Music Producer was with the amazingly talented Christie Connor-Vernal for her debut EP. She came to me with just her acoustic guitar and basic outlines for her songs. I wrote and arranged all of the other instrumentation for her tracks myself.

I then sourced, coached, rehearsed and recorded the session musicians that were required. Finally I edited, mixed and pre-mastered the project in it’s entirety and arranged Mastering and Duplication houses to achieve the final product. At every stage of the project I made sure i listened to, was aware of, and sensitive to Christie’s needs as an artist.

If you are one man/woman with just a guitar and some songs and you’d like to develop your material into full production, i’d love to hear from you.

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