Mix Assisted – Betatone Distraction

Betatone Distraction - Mix Assist
Betatone Distraction were another band that I met while working as the Front of House Engineer at Capitol. I loved their music straight away, but more than that, even more than the musicianship and raw talent they had – was that I loved was the obvious time, thought and care that had gone into crafting these songs.

We kept in touch and I had did a bit of Mastering for the guys, as well as helping them out when they were setting up their own rehearsal/recording space. But I hadn’t heard much from the BD camp for quite some time until, one day quite out of the blue came THIS track… Total radio silence for what seemed like forever and then BAM! This simply staggering four minutes and fourteen seconds totally floored me!

The guys had done a great job of recording it themselves and they had worked really hard on the mix. But they just felt the song needed ‘something’ – it already sounded good but I could hear that it definitely needed more drama, more tension, more excitement! To me it seemed like a great movie that was missing all the car chases and explosions. So i stripped the song right back and re-mixed it from the ground up.

Check out the ‘before and after’ file below – the original, unaltered version, exactly as I received it – mixed by the band and what they had been using for radio and promo etc, blended with my roddymacaudio Mix Assist version….

I think you’ll notice a difference.

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